"mirror in the mirror" Comic Book
"mirror in the mirror" Comic Book
"mirror in the mirror" Comic Book
Quiet Year

"mirror in the mirror" Comic Book

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"mirror in the mirror", a 70-page concept book by U.S. based-multimedia artist Liu Light. Mixing existential comics and poetry, this 68-page saga explores themes of self/other, love/loss, subject/object, and more.

Completed & released in February 2020. 2nd print edition through Quiet Year, October 2020.

Limited preview at LiuLight.com/mirror




there was a brief period in 2019 when,
for a few weeks as winter was washing away into spring,
i was giddy, vivid, and somewhat delirious with the feeling of
'every day feels like the first day of the rest of my life'
and it was with this feeling that i started conceptualizing and working on this book.
with the sense of: a glass of water, filled to the brim, and you see the water delicately
rounded just over the edge, right before it overflows--
this is the spirit i wanted to honor;
& for ~10 months i worked on this book nearly every day, pouring out
ruminations & reflections on recurring themes & motifs of self and other,
absence and presence, subject and object, love and loss

these days, time is contracted and expansive
each day feels like both a lifetime and an hour
& i feel like, though this time is measured,
i have already been alive for an eternity
& seen so many waves come and go

the underlying question that i pose to both myself and to you hasn’t really changed.
still i want to know: where were you before? and where are you now?

above all, i want to tell you--
thank you for being here with me!

liu light 刘亮