profile portrait of liu light aka yaya. they have long straight black hair and pale rosy skin, with half tied up in a lil bun, bangs brushing their face, thin black framed glasses, and a plain black shirt. there's a semi-transparent red rectangle in front of their eyes as they look to the left in contemplation.
YAYA 涯涯 is a multimedia catboy nihilist erotica post-anime visual artist based in LA.
they weave post-anime illustrations, animations, poetry, music, and performance into abstracted narratives about alienation, rage, grief, loss, selfhood, and the intimacy of violence.
they also ride motorcycles and make michelin star 家常 chinese food.
stack of "mirror in the mirror" comic books"mirror in the mirror" spread with two characters with round faces and very long black hair holding hands 

"mirror in the mirror" comic book



"seventh heaven" t-shirt


"Bikes are really sexy right? They’re sexy because of the inherent danger of riding them, the high intensity bodily experience, and the lizard brain power of operating a strong machine going really fast. So in that, it makes me think about how sexuality and power are so intertwined, and I start noticing how power and sexuality are related in media and IRL. I’m really interested in how power is negotiated in sex for example, so I’m fascinated by East Asian sex work narratives of how imperial concubines or oiran sex workers experienced power within their particular social hierarchies, power and (non)consent during or via sex with men, how sexual desirability (and all the intricacies of desire) shapes the agency they are allowed to have in society, if you can call that 'agency' at all."


"let go of this godless love to receive the blessings of the lord" print


"Or how most porn is a highly absurd and comedic medium that uses sex as a mechanism of exerting and maintaining power over women as a fantasy and as an industry logistic, and isn’t actually erotic or sensual at all. How all this is upset and recontextualized and takes on different meaning in queer romance and erotica and the ramifications that queerness, something that is in my view so intimately related to carnality and bodywork, has on destroying society as we know it ~"


"body body" poster 


"And what does it mean for me, in this body, to want to claim a place in a hobby that is 97% dominated by cis men, most of them white? This can be extrapolated to my interest in seinen incel manga, or my motion graphics work, or even my upbringing in a family/diaspora that explicitly and implicitly favored boys over girls, the ways me not wanting to be a girl (or a boy) or not acting like a 'normal' girl complicated my relationship to that. Bikes are literally a vehicle for my physical body spatially but also a metaphorical vehicle for experimenting with and contemplating how I specifically relate to power, gender, and sexuality."
(from YAYA's Interview with Virtual Goods Dealer)