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While S isn’t the debut from New Jersey screamo outfit Kissies, it’s the first to solidify their lineup. After adding Alex Angley as a second guitarist, the band—also including guitarist/vocalist Kevin Henson, bassist/vocalist Luke Hendricks, and drummer/vocalist Kim Rubin from their debut Kissies EP—approached their second release as a new unit propelled by raw aggression, rather than their core tenets of anguish, identity, and queer trauma.

In the summer of 2019, S came together in engineer Matt Morano’s Toms River basement. What emerged from that bottom floor? Blistering, blink-and-you’ll-miss it excavations of dysphoria, mental illness, and anti-cop sentiment that bleed through each packed minute. Before listening to The S Tape—originally released by Larry Records, reissued by Quiet Year with the 2020 bonus track “Troubled Minds”—honor Kissies’ code: “respect our pronouns, don’t be a fucking racist, accept identities, all cops are bastards.”


(reissued 11/8/21)

Split with Splundr and KPG (12/22/20)


“I swear, I’m not that big a screamo fan, but when it’s done right, it feels good, especially when it’s done by marginalized people who actually have something to scream about. With the rawness of early Orchid and the swag of Huggy Bear, Kissies make me wanna dance my trauma away.” - Maximum Rocknroll

"You can definitely hear...noise, sceamo, melody, slam coming through in Kissies' two contributions, "Hey Boys" and "Tuesday," which are both very strong offerings and make their debut LP seem very promising." - BrooklynVegan