Baby Grill


Photo of Judy Hong

PHOTO CREDIT: Heaton Johnson V


Baby Grill is Judy Hong (they/them), Ray Todd (they/them), and Kate Parker (she/her), and they want to be on your radio. Across their debut self-titled EP, this Richmond trio darts between heartbreak and self-acceptance and back again, ricocheting across what it means to be home and to be whole in a compact, yet versatile set of pop songs. Armed with bass-forward declaration, the three-piece tackles the ache of departure while also offering to pick up the pieces along the way. Baby Grill’s spectral love (and self-love) songs are designed as earworms and delivered earnestly—it’s no wonder they’ve already shared the stage with Laura Stevenson, Spirit of the Beehive, and more.


Baby Grill EP (8/25/2019)


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Baby Grill, an indie pop emo duo, are worthy descendants of Tiger Trap's pop twee. Fresh, efficient, always motivating, this album is a very pleasant little success.” — Musique Journal

Baby Grill will get you dancing around the room with a particularly excellent combo of catchy tunes and rumbling distortion.” — RVA Mag